Hey guys, I just wanted to share this really quick. I just finished sealing a time capsule for the first half of the year. I know your wondering what a time capsule is and it’s basically a list of the aims and goals you want God to fulfill in your life for a certain period of time eg. 6months or 3 years (the choice is yours). So you pretty much write everything (your goals and dreams) down on a piece of paper and address it to God. Then you can seal it up in an actual envelope or you can make one (I prefer this option) and you don’t open till the date you have set, after which you can visibly see what God has answered and those that he didn’t answer( if any) you will see that he replaced with something even better. I remember doing this in 6th grade, as a class task of course and thought I’d give another try.

 Peep my icecream bowl in back😋

Give this a try, and prepare to be amazed 😊.

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