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Welcome to a new segment on my blog called “Style Watch Fashion!” In this segment we will be looking at some style icons (celebrities, fashion designers and more) in other to draw inspiration from them and see how best we can apply it to our everyday fashion.

Today we take a look at Her Highness Sheikha Mozah,the wife of the former Emir of the state of Qatar, she is the embodiment of style, grace, poise and strong will and it shows in her fashion choices.

From turbans to floor length dresses, her statement pieces exemplify a woman of strong character and intelligence. Sheikha Mozah you truly are a modern day Queen. style watch

  • You had me at all white.
  • Your Silhouette is the sexiest thing to wear

  • Exquisite

Sheikha Mozah never fails to deliver. Sheikha Mozah was in Kuwait. Sensational and classic.

  • Tradition

  • clean and simple = taste

let me know what you think 🙂

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