Hey guys! It’s me again 😝

Happy New Month to you all! Today we are letting our hair down abit and talking about lingerie! Yaaaaaay!!

If your a lady of a particular age (21+) you should be familiar  with the notion of wearing lingerie. We all see the models in the ads and magazines prancing around in these outfits looking “oh so perfect”, in actuality there is no such thing as perfection… There is only you and what you think of yourself and your body. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; accepting yourself with your flaws and all makes you irresistibly beautiful which in turn resonates as confidence.  Easier said than done right? Cause we all struggle, myself including but then  I remind myself that No BODY is perfect, and I go from there.

Lingerie is something that unfortunately most women shy away from for various reasons. It’s supposed to be fun and sexy but not something to shy away from for these various reasons:

  1. It enhances your curves: Yes, we are all about the curves and enhancing our features. So anything to give us that extra boost is most certainly welcome.
  2. It saves you a lot of time! You don’t have to spend time in the mornings looking for which bra goes with which pantie. Everything is already set and in pairs, so all you have to do is pick up a set and go. 
  3. It makes your panty drawer look like a store: I don’t know about you but I especially love it when everything in my panty drawer is organized and laid out beautifully preferably by color. It just makes me feel like I’m at Victoria’s Secret or something.
  4. It’s an affordable way to pamper yourself: I could talk all day about this or I could show you my monthly bank statement, lol! I love to splurge on lingerie because I love silk (or in this case because of the economy) satin. Adoreme lets me do that easily and I don’t have to worry about much else other than picking the styles that I like because it’s very affordable, at $39.95 a month for quality underwear and you can “skip the month” if you choose… It’s a win win! Visit http://www.adoreme.com for inquiries on shipping to your location.
  5. It boost self-confidence: I saved this for last because it is undoubtedly the most common reason to wear lingerie. Not only does it boost self confidence it also empowers you. Giving you a reason to hold your head up a bit higher and stand a little taller. Lingerie should be for yourself first, any other person/ thing is only secondary.Rock what you’ve got!

Til next time!

-bisou bisou

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