Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I’m here again with a topic that has been pressed upon my heart, so therefore i had to write. I was online the other day and I came across a post written by someone smitten with love, the post talked about how happy the person was with their boo( nothing wrong there) and how that person COMPLETED them. This instantly stood out to me, it was puzzling at first but as I continued to read the post I came to realize that the person was lacking a sense of understanding which in all fairness is a common mistake I myself have been guilty off in the past. They did not understand the fact that there is only one person that completes you and that is God and His love for us. By saying you ”complete me” means you are totally dependent on that person and their love for you when in fact you should be dependent on Gods love. He is the one that makes us whole/complete, He is the one who gives us the capacity to love unconditionally and indefinitely, to know Gods love is to know love itself.

If another human being can COMPLETE you, who were you before hand? what were you doing? what happens if that person is no longer there? do you cease to exist? what happens if that person no longer makes you happy? what happens then?

When we are made whole by His love, with His guidance we can now welcome the right addition to our lives aka our significant other. I am already complete with His Love and His grace, you are just a welcome addition to my life, this should be the new mantra. When you have now accepted that mantra, then both of you as individuals can now come together as one and coexist with God at the center of your relationship.

This is my belief system, one that I thought I would share with you all. Find God first, then go find your partner!

F.Y.I: For the month of September we will be reading a book called *The Wait* written by celebrity couple Devon Franklin and Megan Good. This book puts you on the right path to finding your significant other the right way and I think this is a book we can all learn from. I am so excited and can’t wait to read this book, You are welcome to Join in!

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