Hey everyone, here is another read up for you! This time around I wanted to get a males perspective on a beauty favorite of many women worldwide and that is… Nails. Suffice it to say I was very pleased with his write up and wanted to share.

Nails…what are they exactly? To some they mean nothing, to others they mean everything. Like hair and skin, they are by-products of keratin but are essentially dead cells. They can appear untidy and tacky if little or no attention is given to them. They can also be an extension of beauty, style, elegance and sophistication.

Do guys ever take note of hands/feet/nails? Hells yeah! A good manicure and pedicure are definitely worth the hype. It makes sense for everything to be on point with no features left out. Tidy cuticles, gorgeous nail plates, stunning free edges and curves catch my attention straight off the bat. I’m all about the little details and chipped nails, chipped polish, hanging cuticles, cracked feet, etc. are not an attractive look at all. It is not enough to clip them when they get too long or file them a certain shape or paint them, the nails themselves require the same level of tender loving care as your skin and hair.

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A good manicure and pedicure give me the impression a lady is tidy, sophisticated, elegant, stylish and pays attention to detail. Some ladies wear their natural nails with no polish or a clear coat and you can see they are tidy. Others wear bold colours to match their clothes or accessories to add sophistication to the look. A few are into art and bring that creativity to add style and uniqueness to the look. The nail shapes add a different dimension that is increasingly being explored to enhance the look. All these have gone beyond making a statement, fashion is now a conversation.

Genetics play a role in the type of nails people end up with, however, challenges can be addressed with the different products available on the market. Many people use acrylics, gels, etc. as alternatives or enhancements to growing their natural nails for various reasons. This is a shame as it ends up doing more harm than good (did not explain further as you are not a nail tech). Natural nails can be beautiful and flattering with the right products and care routine. Maintenance may take a bit more effort compared to acrylics and other alternatives but it is well and truly worth it.

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Lastly, the hands and feet carry the fingers and toes that nails grow on; they must also be well kept. They complement each other so should be treated as a package. Manicures and pedicures should not be hiding the natural nails but maintaining and enhancing their natural glory. In the end it is a personal choice but before you give up on your natural nails, check out what remedies are available. Ladies who take care of themselves appear more confident and attractive in my opinion. Stay fresh and keep slaying!



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