Dear Readers,

I recently started a 21 Day Yoga Challenge, I decided to do this because

A. I wanted to be more flexible

B. I wanted to perfect my yoga poses

C. I needed to cleanse my spirit and detoxify myself

So Day 10 into my practice and I MUST say, I’m loving every minute of it! I wake up everyday, hit the mat, finish up my 30 minute practice and begin my day. Starting my day out this way always leaves me feeling fresh and re-energized, I noticed that

  • look forward to starting my day
  • I stay positive through out the day.
  • My anxiety is under better control and is better managed.

It’s amazing! my favorite pose has to be in is sun salutation. I like it because it awakens the whole body and every single part of the body is engaged in this pose.

This current constant practice has made me more aware of my body and its movements. Yoga is such a powerful practice, something I won’t take for granted.

Peace and Love,


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